The RaiseRight Program (Formerly Scrip) is an easy way to pay for your school expenses by using gift cards & e-gift cards instead of cash. More than 500 companies take part including dozens of local stores and gas stations. Visit to see all of the options.

Every time you purchase a card, you receive 80-90% percent of the listed rebate. So if you buy a $100 gift card that has a 10% rebate, you would have $8/9 on your account to use for any expenses at school.

RaiseRight runs special deals online, so using the app or the website will increase the rebate you can receive. You might be able to get KwikTrip gas for a 9% rebate rather than 4% or Domino's Pizza for 16% rebate rather than 8%. Do you fly often or go on Cruises? Check to see how much of a rebate you can get from our RaiseRight program. 

St. Paul's families have earned more than $3,000 this school year. Some families earn more than $100 a month just by using the program when they buy gas, eat out, or give gifts. Buy your cards through the app or at Church each Sunday. 

Did you know, 80% of the money earned through RaiseRight goes to your Child's tuition and school related expenses,

and 90% if purchased online or through the RaiseRight app!

Pay for Tuition & Childcare

Pay for Band Lessons

Pay for Lunch & Milk

How to Get Started with the RaiseRight App